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Franz Schubert's song cycle with the Wolf Ferrari Quartet and Jürgen Thormann

Franz Schubert's Winterreise, one of the greatest works of art of the Romantic period, is not heard here in the original, but music and text enter into a dialogue without the mediation of a singing voice. Alternating with the song settings, Wilhelm Müller's poems are recited as purely instrumental arrangements from the 19th century or as personal arrangements. In this way, text and music remain interwoven, but can also be perceived separately from one another.

Jürgen Thormann – Recitation; Niek van Oosterum - piano, Wolfram Thorau - violin, Lili Thorau - violin, Mirjam Beyer - viola, Lucas Ebert - cello

Organizer: Caputher Musiken e.V.
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Price: €28.00

Reduced price: €25.00