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Three carnival stories by Hans Sachs

The lie is the real rotten spot in human nature.

KEY VISUAL Die wahren Lügen des Till Eulenspiegel
KEY VISUAL Die wahren Lügen des Till Eulenspiegel © Sebastian Köpcke

Immanuel Kant

The shoemaker, master singer, playwright and poet Hans Sachs was considered a master of carnival plays - he was an unrivaled master of this literary genre in the 16th century. Life was never fun or even easy. Despite his later fame as a master singer, he lived through hard privations and numerous oppressive constraints of his time. Very early on, Hans Sachs was also interested in the Reformation. However, because he obviously lived his commitment to Luther and the Reformation, Hans Sachs was banned from writing by the authorities.

No one likes to have his weaknesses, faults and vanities held up to him in a mirror, especially not by a fool. Hans Sach's carnival stories about Till Eulenspiegel know no pardon and denounce in particular the dilapidated conditions of late medieval society. Self-satisfied citizens as well as the corrupt nobility but also the church were unmasked by him. The myth and the topicality around Till Eulenspiegel and his numerous pranks have held undisputedly for several hundred years.

Till Eulenspiegel, the rogue who roams the countryside, who uses human weaknesses to his own advantage with quick wit and strength of mind, seems light and funny at first glance. At second glance, however, one realizes how he viciously lets people stumble unchecked over their own weaknesses, and in the end provokes the question of values, virtues, humanity and the responsibility of society. Here the ambivalence of the plays becomes apparent.

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Theater Ost: Großer Theatersaal - Ehemaliger Sendesaal
Theater Ost: Großer Theatersaal - Ehemaliger Sendesaal