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Fairytale performance based on the Brothers Grimm

The students of the Michael Chekhov Studio Berlin invite you to an enchanting fairytale performance: A widowed king gets lost in the forest while hunting. A witch leads him out on the condition that he marries her daughter. A spell transforms the six king's sons into swans. The sister searches for them, despite great trials she must remain silent for six years and weaves the redeeming new shirts for her brothers out of starflowers.

Backfabrik, Prenzlauer Berg
Backfabrik, Prenzlauer Berg tic / Friedel Kantaut

The fairy tale "The Six Swans" tells of the downfall of an old world and the rise of a new one, which, however, can only come into being through a period of silence and perseverance. Manipulation and power are overcome through the transformation between the earth and star worlds. Instead of material values, perseverance, selflessness, love and trust are the goods of the new royal couple.

Performed by the 3rd year acting students at the Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin: Morgane Chouzenoux, Max Dietrich, Shirin Eck, Nikita Gestrich, Anatol Hanau, Hannah Humpert, Elisa Maria Mildner, Tobias Sill, Juliane Ulmer, Anke Walter.
Rehearsal: Beate Krützkamp

The performance is for ages 6 and up and will last about 50 minutes.

Sunday, 04.12.2022, 3:30 p.m.

Location: Backfabrik Clinker Lounge
Saarbrückerstr. 36 a
10405 Berlin

(Program in German)
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Backfabrik Clinker Lounge