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Manipulation! Die Gedanken sind frei - zugänglich...

Manipulation is a natural human behavior. says anyone. Somewhere. Probably on Twitter or Wikipedia. Of course, we don't let that easily influence us - because luckily the brain is pretty smart.

And that's where it gets exciting: the smarter your brain is, the more effectively it can surprise you. Intelligence and deception are suddenly very close.

Clever and deceitful

DESiMO traces free will this evening. From new perspectives we experience "phenomenal" abilities of the brain and discover the secret facets of artful manipulation. From perfidiously gloomy to fascinatingly dazzling.

Do you think you are acting based on your own insights and convictions? That's the way it's meant to be. But by whom? All people are mature, enlightened and master of their decisions. Actually!

Enjoy this appreciative game at eye level together with DESiMO, in which everyone involved has incredulous fun while the synapses happily hop. Enjoy 90 minutes of the best DESiMO entertainment with memorable mental magic, misleading comedy and witty magic.

(Program in German)

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