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At the latest after his successful debut album "Without Fear" landed at number one in the charts in 2019 and his single "Giants" achieved gold status in the UK, the Irish singer established himself as an integral part of the music scene worldwide.

Press Shot - Dermot Kennedy
Press Shot - Dermot Kennedy Credit: Shervin Lainez

Dermot Kennedy's new and long-awaited album "Sonder" will be released in November 2022. The catchy name stands for the realization that every person you meet leads a life just as complex as your own. The title alone, as well as the first tracks released, promise a second record full of goosebumps, profundity and emotion.

Kennedy already scored a hit with the first single "Better Days".
The dreamy piano, the anthemic chorus, the versatile voice that gives hope and comfort with its optimism, the beat that is set against it, all this ignited immediately and made you want much more, and so Kennedy proved his versatility with the further songs "Something To Someone", "Dreamer", "Kiss Me" and finally "Innocence And Sadness". With his combination of classic songwriting, elaborate arrangements and electronic elements, he hit the nerve of the time.

But of course, ultimately his trademark, his fabulous voice, is the reason for his success. It modulates in different registers, can sound flattering and cutting, come across scratchy and in the next moment caress the auditory canals again velvety soft. With it alone, he evokes a kaleidoscope of feelings among his fans.

But fortunately he also shows great talent for the lyrics, which even in melancholic passages carry a positive and encouraging basic attitude, as for example in the loss ballad "Something To Someone", which nevertheless radiates hope and security: "What a comforting thought it is to know that no matter what you endure, no matter how lonely the world may seem, you're still on somebody's mind. I want this song to be a reminder that you are loved."

Let's look forward to Dermot Kennedy's tour stop on March 18, 2023 at Berlin's Verti Music Hall!

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