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Just to ask: If death is not the end, what comes after it? Will things continue there, and if so, in what condition? And for whom? And if so: can one increase the chances of the afterlife and does that make sense? And how many hereafters are there?

Hard to say. the whole. Totally hard to say with every question lurking behind a new one: hell knows it's a metaphor? Can things transcend, and assuming so, what does a transcended pizza look like? And how does it taste? What is the criterion for good? What is the criterion for true? Is the winged frog god the answer? Yes No Maybe?

The playwright Ingrid Lausund knows her way around with the very last things: For her screenplays for the cult series The Crime Scene Cleaner, written under the pseudonym Mizzi Meyer, she received the Grimme Prize twice and in 2019 the German Television Prize.

With her latest theater text, Ingrid Lausund once again embarks on the path of everything earthly and far beyond: to where the air is thin, to the in-between realm of unsecured hypotheses.

In this realm of questions stands one person (or is it two? Or is it humanity?). Thrown into the godforsaken solitude of a monologue, he (or she) struggles against an empty sky. What emerges is a passion work for a secularized world, a lament for doubters, a psalm for atheists. Out of deep distress I cry out to you who are not here.

Director FX Mayr, together with a group of players, turns the stage into a place of transit. Here, where the living have always met the dead, he invites the audience to a celebration. Nevertheless, precisely because of this and until the curtain falls.

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Additional information
World premiere: 19 October 2023

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Participating artists
FX Mayr (Regie)
Korbinian Schmidt (Bühne und Kostüme)
Matija Schellander (Musik)
Bernd Isele (Dramaturgie)
Johanna Sophia Baader
Lisa Birke Balzer
Jean Chaize
Diane Kimbonen
Bernd Moss
Regine Zimmermann