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"The Halting Rise of Arturo Ui" is a play by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht. Published in 1958, it is a parody of Adolf Hitler's rise to power and the methods of Nazism. Set in Chicago in the 1930s, the play tells the story of Arturo Ui, a gangster who rises to the top of the underworld through blackmail and violence and eventually seizes political power.

Brecht wants to get the audience to think about the political and social problems of his time. Arturo Ui is portrayed as an allegory of Hitler, and the play's plot shows how a ruthless dictator consolidates his power through corruption and violence.

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Additional information
Participating artists
Sibylle Arndt (Produktionsleitung)
Peter Atanassow (Regie)
Christopher Blenkinsop (17 Hippies) (Musikalisches Konzept und Arrangements)
Haemin Jung (Kostüme)
Franziska Kuhn (Dramaturgie)
Alexandra Rossmann (Einstudierung Gesang)
Vsevolod Silkin (Einstudierung Gesang)
Holger Syrbe (Bühne)
Es spielt das Gefangenenensemble der JVA Tegel Adrian U., Adrian Zajac, Amin, Atak, Can Can, H. Peter Maier C.d.F., Horst Grimm, Jimmy Juma, Jusef, Marco, Maurice, Maximilian Sonnenberg, Mohammad Hassan, Nicolas, Nelson, Norman, Robin.
Begleitet durch Musiker der 17 Hippies Orlando de Boeykens (Tuba), Uwe Langer (Percussion, Posaune, Trompete), Volker „Kruisko“ Rettmann (Akkordeon).