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Jetzt wird geheiratet

Dennis from Hürth Live, that means: No show is like the one from the night before! With a lot of improvisation, current topics, stories and numerous spontaneous interactions with the audience - simply 100% Dennis from Hürth.

In his new, fourth program, the "passionate vocational student" takes us through everyday life and the challenges of an adolescent: As if his job on the construction site wasn't stressful enough, Dennis and his "Larissa, the girl" now want to do it too - more or less voluntarily - get married!

How did that happen? Who gets tax class 3? Will grandma Claudia be a bridesmaid? Is there a credit card for the rental car at all? And will Dennis even say yes?

From September 2023, these and other questions of life on stages throughout Germany will be clarified... but maybe in the end it will also mean: "Sorry, you Ottos, the will was there - just not me!"

(Program in German)

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