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On board a Nile steamer is not only Simon and Linnet Doyle, the honeymoon couple, but also Simon's ex-lover Jacqueline de Bellefort.

Eventually Jacqueline shoots at him and Linnet is murdered - and when Louise, her maid, wants to make a statement, she too is shot dead. Fear is increasing, but Pennefather, the canon, finally solves the tricky case with confidence.

(Program in German)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Matti Wien (Regie:)
Wolfgang Rumpf (Künstlerische Gesamtleitung)
Manfred Bitterlich (Bühnenbild)
Vera Krisch (Kostüme)
Birgit Henninger-Rumpf (Choreografie)
Matti Wien (Domherr Pennefather)
Suzanne Kockat (Linnet Doyle)
Maria Jany (Jacqueline de Bellefort)
Wolfram von Stauffenberg (Andrew Pennington)
Gundula Piepenbring (Salomé Otterbourne)
Sandra Steinbach (Rosalie Otterbourne)
Karl-Heinz Barthelmeus (Dr. Bessner)
Kai-Peter Gläser (Mr.Ferguson)
Susanne Meyer (Linnet Doyle)
Alejandro Ramón Alonso (Simon Doyle)
Alexander Altomirianos (Simon Doyle)
Gerhard Printschitsch (Andrew Pennington)
Cornelia Lippert (Salomé Otterbourne)
Kristin Schulze (Rosalie Otterbourne)
Gert Melzer (Dr. Bessner)
Jenny Löffler (Louise Bourget)
Kristin Schulze (Louise Bourget)
Thomas Linke (Mr. Ferguson)
Dejan Brkic (Stewart/ Wirt)
Oliver Gabbert (Stewart/ Wirt)
Gert Melzer (Stewart/ Wirt)