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One day, after a reading, a woman stands at Julia Schoch's book signing table and says: "By the way, we have the same father. A moment that becomes a caesura. From now on, everything is different. The sentence acts like a fuse, after the protagonist initially simply takes note of the fact. She begins to ponder, her certainties begin to waver: what is fact, what is fake?

Literarisches Colloquium Berlin
Literarisches Colloquium Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto Dagmar Schwelle

On the one hand, the state in which she grew up - the GDR - no longer exists, and now the image of her own family is beginning to crack. Questions about motherhood, origin, memory and the construction of one's own life emerge. Julia Schoch, born in Bad Saarow in 1974, lives in Potsdam. "Das Vorkommnis" (dtv, 2022) is one of the most successful novels of this year.

As part of the series 'Novels in the Rotunda', she presents the novel in a reading and in conversation with the writer Anke Stelling.

  • Reading and talk: Julia Schoch
  • Moderation: Anke Stelling
Weather permitting, the reading will take place outdoors.

Admission 8 € / 5 €.
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Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (lcb)