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The Collective Abroad is an internationally renowned jazz septet and one of the few ensembles officially supported by the Danish Art Council. Audience from all around Europe enjoys The Collective Abroad's international concert-tours all year around:

  • "It was really a moment watching you all!"
  • "Thank you for painting beautiful pictures with your music."
  • "I can't wait to catch your next tour somewhere here in Denmark."
The Collective Abroad performs original music, blending influences from the band members' music scenes: Berlin (DE), Hamburg (DE), Amsterdam (NL), Vilnius (LT), Basel (CH) and Aalborg (DK). The music combines the groove of modern jazz with an intimate atmosphere of Nordic folk and explosive power of a world-class horn section.

  • Jaap de Vries (NL) - trumpet
  • Josh Scofield (UK) - alto saxophone
  • Tadas Pasaravičius (LT) - tenor saxophone
  • Tal Arditi (IL) - guitar
  • Sandro Sáez (DE) - piano
  • Jan Sedlák (CZ) - double bass
  • Dominic Harrison (DE) - drums
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