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Club Oval is a party format that has been bringing together diverse dance styles since 2013. Dancers of all styles compete on an oval dance floor: Swing, Krump, contemporary dance, twerking, ballet, African dance, hip-hop, vogueing, tango and many more.

Szene aus Club Oval – Crossover Dance Battle
Szene aus Club Oval – Crossover Dance Battle © René Löffler

The Battle idea originates from Urban Dance and is here rather to be understood as a playful motivator. As the teams of the different dance styles and the solo artists improvise to music provided by the DJ - funk, classical, hip-hop and more - surprising new movement ideas and inspirations arise.

The winners of the evening in the categories Team / Solo / Duet will be chosen by a top-class jury. The audience decides on the winners of the solo performances and is invited to dance during the breaks.
Additional information
Participating artists
An Boekman (Konzept)
Jessica Jorgas (Moderation)