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Travesty in the Kiez - The travesty show in Neukölln

Come on in! Come in, come in! We would like to welcome you to our "Circus of Travesty". You won't find elephants, tightrope walkers and tamers here, but you will find a spectacle that is second to none.

Regenbogenfahne im Wind
Regenbogenfahne im Wind © tanka ticker

Our ensemble will take you into a magical and crazy world, where they don't take themselves seriously. Colorful dance and live singing numbers, mixed with humorous comedy interludes, are the program.

Be right up close when our "ladies" catapult themselves into dizzying heights singing and swinging their dance legs so that even practiced Can-Can dancers turn green with envy.

Just look forward with us to the new show "Circus der Travestie".

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