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Financial cabaret by and with Chin MeyerAtomic power is a "sustainable" energy according to the EU Commission. It's that simple. If only brown coal becomes green, the climate goals will be achieved! The good thing: coal is already becoming greener - because who wouldn't like to invest "green"?

Chin Meyer
Chin Meyer © Michael Holz

A sustainable blended equity fund interspersed with green, socially-responsible, and well-managed companies slows climate change and puts an eco-friendly smile on both the high-horsepower SUV and the diving vacation in the Maldives.

Relentlessly, Chin Meyer, the grandmaster of humor investing, debunks the fairy tales surrounding sustainable living and financial lies. Always up to date, he plays on the whole keyboard of feel-good-environmental-cuddly-romanticism and faces the question: Does money save the world? Or will only colorful printed paper survive in the end?

Speaking of paper: Putin wants to pay for foreign schools only in rubles. Given the ruble's exchange rate, he could just as well say: I'll only pay in toilet paper. Whereby toilet paper is of course harder than the D-Mark, especially in Germany as a crisis currency!

The truth seeker fights his way through the fog of greenwashing methods to the shores of the Green New Deal concepts. Because "greener the funds never sound" than at the investor prospectus time. If the German Global Player "Wirecard" on the financial market becomes a German Globuli Player due to homeopathic dilution of balance sheets, then energy companies like Shell and Exxon can also achieve climate goals - and with the same simple recipe. Which raises the question: Does green investment actually help for or against a clean slate?

Together with financial professionals like "tax investigator Siegmund von Treiber," Chin Meyer's cult figure from Bavarian television and other shady money gurus, the satirist surfs through the colorful world of so-called sustainable investments and reflects on them in the mirror of humorous exaggeration. Because environmental rescue without a pinch of humor has the same chances of success as bank rescue without money or a chancellor election campaign with Scrooge McDuck.

Chin Meyer is certain: Laughter may not solve any problems, but it definitely improves the mood!

(Program in German)

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