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Guided tour with castle manager Rudolf G. Scharmann, SPSG

The two queens of the time of Frederick II are the subject of the third tour: Sophie Dorothea of Hanover (1687-1757) was cultured and educated, but also scheming and, as a widow, had far-reaching influence on her son.

His unloved wife Elisabeth Christine of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern (1715-1797) lived largely in seclusion in Schönhausen Castle. She later only received his respect by taking on annoying representative duties.

Like no other palace and garden complex of the Brandenburg-Prussian Hohenzollerns, female members of the ruling family have left their mark in Charlottenburg over two centuries. These included well-known personalities such as the namesake Sophie Charlotte and Queen Luise, who was laid to rest in the palace gardens. But other princesses also left their mark on Charlottenburg Palace. Castle manager Rudolf G. Scharmann introduces the most important residents on three tours.

In cooperation with the VHS City-West

(Program in German)
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