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When trying to describe the voice of American singer- songwriter Charley Crockett, one has to compete with some daring phrases. The Wall Street Journal, for example, once wrote: "Mr. Crockett’s unique vocal style is one third Ernest Tubb honky-tonk with clipped- word diction, one third Bill Withers low-key, soulful crooning, and one third jazzy French Quarter second- line swagger" You really can't write it any better than that now – we think.

Charley Crockett is one of the most successful musician in the Country & Western genre, that remains undisputed.

Crockett draws his earthy sound as much from Blues, Soul, Cajun, R'n'B and other matching parts of American Roots Music. Most recently, his album "The Man From Waco" was released in fall of 2022 and was chosen the second best country and Americana album of the year by US Rolling Stone. Crockett recorded it live in large parts under the aegis of producer Bruce Robison (Faith Hill, The Chicks, Tim McGraw). Most of the songs are one-takes with minimal overdubs. The musician says: "The magic is in the performances on that tape. That’s what Bruce wanted to do, that’s what I wanted to do. When we were done, I said ‘these are masters, not demos.'"

It's not often that Charley Crockett tours Europe, so we're looking forward to this special tour. He says: "Europe is a continent. Seems like I've been there a time or two. It’s a long way from Texas, I’ll tell you that much. I figure we got an obligation to get over there every now and again to show them a culture they ain’t too likely to see up close”. This quote is best thought of in that glorious "Texas snarl" in his voice that also makes up his songs.

In fall Charley Crockett will perform his songs live for us in Germany.