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What happens when poetry world champions, European champions and the German-speaking champion team face off against Berlin? Which side will win the biggest poetry slam victory? The final poetry slam, at the Admiralspalast Berlin.

  • World champion Xabiso Vili (South Africa)
  • German Vice and Berlin Champion Lisa Pauline Wagner (Berlin)
  • European Champion Giuliano Logos (Italy)
  • Slam Team Bread & Games (Berlin Champion Max Golenz & MV Champion Diego Hagen)
  • Slam Team Interrobang (Valerio Moser & Manuel Diener, 2-time Team Champions, Switzerland)
  • Slam Team Wortwin & Slamson (Ortwin Bader-Iskraut & Samson, 2-time Team Champions, Berlin)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate Champion Jesko Habert (moderator)
  • The Trouble Notes

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