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The workshop is aimed at all women who are fluent in Spanish, love to sing, are open to exploring their bodies as instruments and are interested in developing their voices through singing together and experiencing the joy and depth of Latin American folk music.

18:30 Workshop (Womxn):

Founded in January 2022 under the direction of Colombian singer Carolina Riaño, the Berlin-based women’s vocal ensemble CANTO DIÁSPORA is a project to encourage Spanish-speaking women to discover their singing voice and experience female empowerment through singing Latin American orally transmitted music together. We will first focus on traditional rhythms such as the Colombian bullerengue and the Bolivian cueca.

Direction: Carolina Riano


The Latin female vocal ensemble CANTO DIÁSPORA consists of 20 women of different origins, mostly Latin American expats, who combine their voices in Spanish on a weekly basis and sing songs from the oral tradition of Latin America together. The audience will be delighted with melodies and rhythms such as the Colombian bullerengue, the tambora and the currulao, the Venezuelan joropo and fulía, the Argentine vidala and chacarera, the Chilean cueca and the Bolivian huayno.

Direction: Carolina Riano

21:00 Rueda (Fem*Jam)
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