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Ten thousand concertgoers a year, standing ovations, millions of views on YouTube, a fan cult like rock stars - welcome to Café del Mundo, Germany's most successful guitar export.

The protagonists Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian have just returned from tours in Andalusia, Italy and London, where they recorded their new album "Samphonic" with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Jan and Alex are as fundamentally opposed as fire and water - and precisely because of this they complement each other to form a world-class music act.

Their joint live performance is the rousing dialogue of two gifted virtuosos, who sometimes caress each other, sometimes challenge each other and elicit their best from each other - intensely and explosively, a magical aura is created that no one can escape.

But the two instrumental artists are far more than mere entertainers: in their art, they take a stand, profess their commitment to pure, original music, and make a statement in a fluctuating world. The audience can be curious about the musical diversity of two flamenco guitars with a repertoire that ties a fine ribbon between classical and jazz, techno and world music.

Their Abbey Road album "Famous Tracks" was nominated for the Opus Klassik in 2019.

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