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Sasha Waltz & Guests – Ensemble Musikfabrik – Terry Riley

„In C“ is a colorful excursion into the world of minimal music. In 2021, Sasha Waltz & Guests initiated a novel artistic process with Terry Riley's „In C“ (1964) as a musical foundation. Based on Terry Riley's revolutionary and open composition of the same name, Sasha Waltz and her dancers developed choreographic material that follows a similarly variable structure, thereby leaving room for perpetually new variations.

„The score of „In C“ consists of fifty-three musical phrases and reads like stage directions for musicians. The thought of translating these detailed instructions into dance through a choreographic exploration of the music appealed to me. The result is an experimental system of fifty-three movement phrases for a structured improvisation with clear rules and laws. The length of the piece remains variable, as does the number of musicians and dancers.“ Sasha Waltz

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Additional information
A production by Sasha Waltz & Guests. Made in Radialsystem.

Sasha Waltz & Guests is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Community.

Media partners: taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin, ExBerliner and Rausgegangen.
Participating artists
Sasha Waltz (Konzept und Choreografie)
Jasmin Lepore (Kostüm)
Olaf Danilsen (Licht)
Jochen Sandig (Konzept und Dramaturgie)
Sasha Waltz & Guests (Tanz und Choreografie)
Carl Rosman (Klarinette), Maxime Morel (Tuba), Benjamin Kobler (Keyboard), Dirk Rothbrust (Schlagzeug), Hannah Weirich (E-Violine), Dirk Wietheger (Cello), Florentin Ginot (Kontrabass), Paul Jeukendrup (Klangregisseur) (Mit Live-Musik des Ensemble Musikfabrik)