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A program by Burghard Schurich with songs by Gundermann. For more than 30 years, Burghard Schurich has worked as a musician, guitar teacher and teacher for early music education in Brieselang and Falkensee. He only discovered Gerhard Gundermann's music in the mid-1990s. Although he never saw Gundermann live in concert, he found himself in many of his songs.

Gerhard Gundermann died of a stroke on June 21, 1998 at the age of only 43. He used to be an excavator driver in a lignite opencast mine and just realized he was retraining to become a carpenter after his pit was closed. Fortunately, this happened in time so that his own house did not fall victim to brown coal mining. Since the feature film "Gundermann" by Dresden, which was released in August 2018, Gundermann is no longer just an insider tip in East Germany. His songs describe in a very emotional way the people who are close to him, including his five-year-old daughter Linda, his wife, the older children, the neighbours, the colleagues and his mother and father. In the song “Vater” in particular, he processes his relationship with his father and remembers the baking experiences together. Burghard Schurich also had similar experiences, which is why he called his first program and first CD "Father's Cake".

His current program "Wien Spiegel" tells of other experiences by Burghard Schurich, which are reflected in Gundermann's songs. The music sometimes goes its own way stylistically, in that rock numbers are transformed into blues, bossa nova or reggae. There is also a special arrangement on the CD: an a cappella song with six voices and voice percussion. The CD as a whole is characterized by mirror images. All of the photos in the booklet show quiet moments by the water at different times of the day, taken during downtime on a boat. The cover of the CD shows a mirror image, which is revealed to be an actual mirror when the CD case is opened. The CD design reflects interpreted and metaphorically. While the cover deals with the external image, the music and the song and cover lyrics show the inside. A true work of art.