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groovy, witty and virtuosic in tailcoat

What is Wagner doing in Dixieland? What does a homage to a typewriter sound like? And who is actually the "Zucker-Lilly"? Come along and find out ! Since 1989, the eleven dapper brass players of the BRASS BAND BERLIN have been proving that tailcoats don't have to be humorless.

The eleven musicians around percussionist and bandleader Thomas Hoffmann, who otherwise do their duty in various Berlin orchestras, combine light classical music with jazz, hits, musical melodies, evergreens and silliness. No composer is safe from their shrewd parodies. Bizet's "Carmen" meets Ravel's "Bolero," the Beatles meets Mancini's "Pink Panther," and George Gershwin meets Glenn Miller's "In the Mood."

A concert for audiences of all ages who will be thrilled and thoroughly entertained. There are many big bands in Berlin. This one, however, is different: bolder, crazier and more playful.

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