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Boygenius can be seen on the cover of Rolling Stone, in a pinstripe suit and in exactly the same posture as Nirvana were portrayed there in 1994. Underneath it says "The Supergroup We Need." Exactly the kind of humor that Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus love. Even their band name refers to all the mediocre men around them who have been told how great they are ever since they could hear. Really really good, though, are Boygenius.

The three successful female singer/songwriters decided at some point to merge their different styles, became friends, and released a terrific and justly acclaimed EP in 2018. After that, none had dared to ask if they might want to make an album. But at some point, Baker created a folder in the cloud called "dare I say it." In no time, all three flooded it with potential songs. The foundation for "The Record" was laid. This record is a milestone.

For a month the three women spent hours in the studio every day, but even more important was the work in the months before. It was only after long conversations, a lot of fun and a lot of collaborative work that Baker was able to put her skillful guitar riffs purposefully into the songs, Bridgers was able to bring her songwriting experience with Taylor Swift, Dacus was able to pour her fine storytelling into the lyrics - just to name a few of the many variable talents. Only in this way could these phenomenal melodies, vocal harmonies and great lyrics be created.

"The Record" is the album for this time, combining indie rock, folk, Americana and the songwriting of the female musicians in the best way and welding them together. It's true: Boygenius are exactly the supergroup that is needed now. They're coming to Berlin in August.

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