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The five musicians from Blackpool have created their very own "Boston Manor" genre, which draws on grunge as well as punk, which mixes poppy melodies with hardcore, which is reminiscent of 90s emocore and is always "state of the art". Boston Manor have always proven that being pigeonholed is too narrow for them.

BOSTON MANOR in einem Aufzug

Vocalist Henry Cox, guitarists Mike Cuniff and Ash Wilson, bassist Dan Cuniff and drummer Jordan Pugh formed Boston Manor in 2013 - a band that would straddle pop-punk, emo-pop and heavier post-hardcore.

From the moment Boston Manor released its first EP, "Here/Now," in 2013, it became certain that here was a new band on the scene that could add exciting new facets to emotional guitar music. In 2016, they released their debut album "Be Nothing." which received a lot of interest and excellent reviews in the UK. Nationwide tours as well as a trip to the USA showed what an excellent live band Boston Manor is.

Despite an intense six years and the many experiences, the band themselves said that it wasn't until 2018, with the release of their second album "Welcome to the Neighbourhood," which conceptualized their difficult circumstances in Blackpool, that they figured out "who exactly we are and what we want to do." Stylistically, this meant opening up to new sounds and wider styles. The quintet took as inspirations bands as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, Failure, Tool and Deftones .In particular, the use of sinister keyboards and dark soundscapes was a new element in Boston Manor's music.

The second album was followed in 2019 by the acoustic-only EP "England's Dreaming", which proved that Boston Manor are not only brilliant genre-breakers, but also good songwriters. Half a year later, the third album "Glue" proved that the band's own search for their inner chemistry and stylistic DNA is going on and on. Since their label change from Pure Noise to Sharptone Records, the quintet has shown unbroken creativity and efficiency on all grunge, alternative and punk rock fronts.

Their fourth album "Datura", with which Boston Manor will come to Berlin in April, proves why the British Kerrang! magazine calls Boston Manor the "voice of a new generation".

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