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Scapegoat she has often been in the whole monkey business, but can it really be that the metaphors stretch to the point where she, like the wild goat, is threatened with extinction? The Nubian ibex lives in rocky desert regions. And this is exactly where Elinor has retreated to.

Because after a lifetime of prancing on the edge of the abyss, remaining calm and steadfast, a shocking piece of information now throws her off balance for the first time. Near the Dead Sea, she camps out in the desert, brooding about her life. When Eli calls her daughter in, she doesn't know that she's long on the road, searching for her mother with one of Eli's former and the current lover ...

The new play by Yael Ronen and Orit Nahmias is a dark comedy about the relationship between Eli and her daughter.
What begins as a philosophical meditation on the relationship with oneself is extended to those between mothers and daughters, to long-time and short-term lovers. 

In German and English

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By Yael Ronen, Orit Nahmias
Participating artists
Orit Nahmias
Vidina Popov
Yael Ronen
Amit Epstein
Yaniv Fridel
Stefano di Buduo
Yunus Ersoy
Arndt Sellentin