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Contemporary dance piece

"Blaufrau" is a contemporary dance piece that emphasizes the importance of women in history who, despite social expectations, dared to do something new and shaped the future. Their impact is immense and it's hard to imagine what the reality would be like today if they hadn't acted then.

Based on well-known speeches and quotations from historical female figures such as Bertha Benz, Bouboulina, Pocahontas, Bertha von Suttner, Angela Merkel and Greta Thunberg, the dance piece encourages the audience to think about and tackle their own influence on history.

TUTU dance ensemble
Additional information
Participating artists
Nina Baake-Merz
Lilian Kim Lukas
Wiebke Schemionek
Charlotte Spang
Kostis Spyrou
Luise Strehlow