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Junior producer Vanessa Edler is faced with an insurmountable task: she has to make a new blockbuster that won't offend even the most sensitive female viewers: A politically correct version of "Snow White." The management of her streaming provider expects a box office success for everyone. But is that even possible? Can a politically correct fairy tale movie make everyone happy?

In desperation, Vanessa invites a motley creative team to a writing retreat in a remote hotel: for the screenplay, her brother Philipp - a gag writer from private television who is supposed to pick up even the simplest viewers - and feminist novelist Jasmina Rau, celebrated in the feuilleton for literary activism.

When the two meet, knowing nothing about each other, it becomes clear: this team will turn "Mirror on the Wall" into a shambles at best. Jasmina and Philipp have diametrically opposed positions on what a modern Snow White should look like today and engage in bitter verbal battles. And when producer Vanessa then casts the inexperienced influencer Lilly Juice as the title heroine and enlists the profiling-addicted series star August Kling for the role of the prince, there is now a team that has much bigger construction sites than their own script would suggest. The five young creatives discuss political correctness passionately, but in private they behave ... somehow differently. And eventually become entangled in a relationship mess, until an uncovered scandal eclipses everything else....

The trio of authors Constanze Behrends, Franziska Kuropka and Lukas Nimscheck poses one of the most topical questions in the cultural industry in BIS KEINER WEINT: How correct does entertainment have to be today - and when does it lose its substance? The result is a musical-political balancing act between art and correctness - with fairy-tale musical songs, sharp punchlines and a clear stance.
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WITH Tara Friese, Laura Goblirsch, Nathan Johns, Fabio Kopf, Anna-Sophie Weidinger and the musicians Tobias Bartholmeß/Markus Syperek, Oliver Busch, Lorraine Buzea, Jo Gehlmann, Jessica Ling, Leonardo von Papp

COMPOSITION Lukas Nimscheck BOOK Constanze Behrends & Franziska Kuropka SONG TEXT Franziska Kuropka DIRECTOR Mathias Noack MUSICAL. ARRANGEMENTS Markus Syperek MUSICAL DIRECTION Tobias Bartholmeß/Markus Syperek CHOREOGRAPHY Sabine Hack