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Stand Up Comedy in English

Join Berlin’s funniest comedians for a sunny Thursday show at the beergarden by the Berliner Berg Brewery! Enjoy an evening full of laughter and the freshest and tastiest beers in town. Once a month, in English, hosted by Anna Beros.

We kindly ask for a donation of 10€ at the end of the show. Donations go directly to the comedians.

About the host:

Anna’s a Kiwi born, Melbourne raised, Berlin based standup comedian, writer and podcaster. She took her solo, Creampie Curious, to the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2023 and has performed through Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and the UK. She’s also written for Comedy Central DE and has the weekly podcast, Adults ONLY Comedy Berlin. She produces and hosts Adults ONLY Comedy, Doener Comedy and Glory Hole Comedy productions. Turning pain into laughter and shame into solidarity, Anna's high energy, filthy, optimistic, hilarious.

Stand Up Comedy in English

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