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Zusatzkonzerte am 22.10. und 26.11.2023! German singer-songwriter and lyricist Bettina Wegner, known to a wide audience for the song "Sind so kleine Hände," numerous LPs and CDs, books of poems and song lyrics, entered artistic retirement in 2007.

Wegner retired from the concert stage, which she had shared with Joan Baez, Konstantin Wecker, Angelo Branduardi and many other artists. In principle.

However, her voice remains strong, and when Karsten Troyke asks her to do an evening together, she does perform now and then, always accompanied by guitarist El Alemán (aka Jens-Peter Kruse).

In their program, the singer-songwriter and the singer-actor bring to life testimonies of a song culture that has become rare. Not "being cool", but showing oneself, not "wanting to have fun" as an expression of resignation, but open laughter and questions in songs.

Bettina Wegner, with Berlin charm ("Ick probier et einfach mal") and with the sensitivity she stands for, lets the various facets of melancholy touch a latently perceptible aggressiveness. The angry crescendo, heightened by powerful vocal vibrato, is broken by relaxed and even ironic moderation, which is based on a self-evident love of humanity.

Karsten Troyke knows how to strike a very different, differentiated note, even with oppressive themes he still manages to combine the cynical with the comic, the gruesome with the grotesque. His voice seems less "beautiful", but no less haunting and has an astonishing versatility. Both are committed to a way of singing that initially presents beautiful songs, including folk songs, but is forced by political circumstances, as it were, to bring political songs.

Presented by tRAENENpALAST

This show is only played in German.

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