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Painter and installation artist Bernhard Striebel (* 1953 in Laichingen) works in the extended coordinates of constructive-concrete art and combines space, image and language in his often site-specific exhibitions.

The elongated exhibition halls of the ZAK - Center for Contemporary Art in the old barracks on the citadel have inspired him to create an expansive installation of light, colors and words. Because the military austerity with its structuring pillars and countless double windows demands subordination and contradiction in equal measure.

Striebel does the latter with minimally invasive interventions, which in turn achieve a maximum of content and aesthetic commentary. He mainly uses foils in primary colors that immerse the rooms in an intense colored light and evoke a completely different spatial perception. There are also paintings and material collages that play with the obscurity of the primary colors red, green and yellow.

Attuned in such an atmospheric way, the painting and text as neon lettering or paper cuts guide the viewer through the spatial suites and confront them with information that is as irritating as it is enigmatic.

"Bernhard Striebel is always concerned with exploring the specific exhibition space, with ideas and prejudices about art, with playing with seeing, with visibility and becoming visible." (Dorothée Bauerle-Willert)
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