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Morning in a small-town dance studio. It is the day before the big audition in the local community centre. The day Lee hopes to land a spot in the »Teen Tap Dance Road Show«. Being invited to join the travelling tap dance troupe would allow Lee to finally escape the hated small town and, as a logical consequence, become a millionaire before Lee turns 40.

Although Lee’s dance teacher Martle has never heard of the Road Show, he has a choreographed routine ready up his sleeve: »L’Accapella de Jim«, or, as it is called in Barcelona, »Capella Jim«.

But their rehearsal is repeatedly interrupted. Lee’s stepparents continuously send texts to Lee’s mobile phone, the pianist Joel, who should be providing discreet musical support, seems to be in a bad mood about something and keeps making himself the centre of attention. And then Brendan shows up, desperately searching for her missing ballet leotard. The former tap dance student possibly once had a relationship with Martle and is now actually banned from entering the premises …

»House of Dance« depicts a world where small-town existence threatens to suffocate big dreams, but where people’s longings and desires stubbornly persist beneath the surface in spite of all obstacles.

The New York writer and director Tina Satter, whose play »Is This A Room« was a guest production at the Schaubühne as part of FIND 2022, is now working for the first time with a German-speaking ensemble in »House of Dance«.

80 minutes

  • (In German with English surtitles)

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Participating artists
(Soufflage & Regieassistenz)
İlknur Bahadır (Regie)
Elisa Leroy (Dramaturgie)
Ulla Willis (Bühne)
Christoph Gawenda (Mit)
Julia Schubert (Mit)