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In 2024, a new era full of musical discoveries will open up for 25 young musicians at the debut concert of the newly formed Berlin YouthJazzOrchestra!

After an intensive period of work in Blossin, the young talents present their first concert together as a newly formed orchestra. But while the line-up has changed, the uniqueness and authenticity of the arrangements, created by the artistic direction of Fabia Mantwill and Nicolai Thärichen, remains. Their works reflect the pulse of the current jazz scene, are characterized by openness and inclusivity and break down creative boundaries.

With its unique line-up, the specially composed repertoire and the diversity of young musical personalities, the BJJO makes a fresh, colorful and progressive debut at WABE.

Admission: 15/10 euros and VKK 12 euros plus fees

Organized by the Landesmusikrat Berlin e.V. (State Music Council Berlin)

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