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As a continuation of last season's successful BERLINER PORTRÄT GALERIE, Maria Hartmann opens up a look at Berlin theater history in this second season. Starting with the opening of the Renaissance Theater on October 18, 1922, the series is designed to run five episodes every two months. Each episode is self-contained and deals with one era of the last 100 years.

Leuchtschrift Renaissance Theater
Leuchtschrift Renaissance Theater © Renaissance-Theater Berlin

Episode 2: 1933 - 1945

Matinee by and with Maria Hartmann, as guest: Felix von Manteuffel

The years of the National Socialist reign of terror are the focus of the second episode of the Berlin Portrait Gallery: artistic sellouts, survival strategies and opportunism in times of dictatorship.
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Maria Hartmann
Imogen Kogge
Renaissance-Theater Berlin / Bruckner-Foyer