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2. Teil der Stadt-Trilogie (Second Part of the city trilogy)

Adem stands on a landing in the stairwell. To the right lives the Israeli academic Moria, who is both his neighbour and his girlfriend. They are one of those couples who will, as planned, move in together in three days, have children and start a family, or could also break up any second now. 

To the left his mother Meryem waits for him. Her son, who loves and despises her, her pension and the countless dishes collected in the cellar, which she now wants to take with her, are her last connections to Germany. She visits him one last time to finally make amends for »parking« him in Turkey as a child. 

Adem would like to know where he should knock. On a past he would prefer to extinguish or on a future that petrifies him with fear. 

In Berlin Kleistpark Hakan Savaş Mican tells of an attempt at a love free of family wounds and an indecisive generation’s search for trust.  

(With English surtitles)

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