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The musical story of a first love by Eva Blum and Matthias Witting based on the book by Peter Härtling (8+)

For Ben and his friends, everyday school life presents an unusual experience when “the new girl” comes into their class. “The new one” is called Anna and she moved here from Poland with her family. Anna speaks differently, looks different, and apparently behaves differently than everyone else. Her new classmates meet her with mixed feelings - a mixture of rejection and curiosity.

Ben feels the same way. On the one hand, he feels attracted to Anna, but on the other hand, he also finds some things strange about her. When her friends tease her, Ben defends her. And now it says “Ben loves Anna”. At first he resists it because it embarrasses him, but somehow it really is. It's clear: falling in love is beautiful, but also difficult. There is excitement, hurt, jealousy, arguments with friends and the great fear of being laughed at.

First love, dealing with social differences and the courage to stand up for one's own feelings are the big themes of this production. The rousing live music with ten songs in particular allows viewers young and old to experience up close how Ben and Anna's stomach tingles, how the fear of being laughed at paralyzes them and the liberation they experience when they finally approach each other.

(Program in German)
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Educational Services
Participating artists
Eva Blum (Theaterfassung)
Urs Hildbrand (Bühnenbild)
Marie Landgraf (Kostüme)
Matthias Witting (Regie und musikalische Leitung)
Matthias Witting (Theaterfassung)
Peter Härtling (Autor/in)
Anna Trimper (Anna)
Iljá Pletner (Ben)
Falk Berghofer (Jens)
Moritz Ross (Bernhard)
Nina Lorck-Schierning (Regine)
Simone Witte (Katja)
Stephan Hoppe (Holger)
Lubo Indjov
Christian Schadler (Seibmann)