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A fast-paced story about moving, about blackmail and new friendships

Bella who is seven years old moved with her mother. And nobody asked if she even wanted to. She does not like the new apartment, nor does she like the new school, and her friends are not there either. The environment is simply not familiar to her.

Szene aus Bella, Boss und Bulli
Szene aus Bella, Boss und Bulli © David Baltzer |

Her mother works a lot and the unkind caretaker Valentin is annoying just like a permanent guest, especially since he is no good with children. On Bella’s first tour of the neighbourhood, she meets Victor of the same age, known as Boss, whom his parents forgot to pick up from school. Bulli, on the other hand, does not seem to have a real home.

The three children find each other pretty annoying at first. But Bella quickly realises that there is more to the loudmouthed behaviour of the two boys, as they are being blackmailed at school by an older teenager. That is because he knows that Bulli has stolen something and demands money. Before Bella knows it, she is embroiled in a more than exciting story of blackmail.

“Bella, Boss und Bulli” is about self-determination in times of great change, about blackmail in the school playground, fear, longing and wild anarchy. But it also tells of the power of new friendships.

By Volker Ludwig with music by Birger Heymann

Performing rights "Bella, Boss und Bulli": Felix Bloch Erben GmbH & Co. KG Verlag für Bühne Film und Funk

Premiere: 18.09.2020

(Program in German)
Additional information
Recommended for class 1 - 3

Duration: 1:40 h with break

Educational Services
Participating artists
Amelie Köder (Isabella Schneider)
Marcel Herrnsdorf (Victor A. Beck, 1. Möbelpacker)
Daniel Pohlen (Boris Buller, Möbelpacker)
Katja Hiller (Annette Schneider)
Christian Giese (Eduard Valentin, Möbelpacker, Cajonspiel)
Jens Mondalski (Harke, Herr Beck, 2. Möbelpacker, Kontrabassspiel)
Michael Brandt (Musiker)
Martin Fonfara (Musiker)
Robert Neumann (Regie)
Caspar Hachfeld (Komposition)
Birger Heymann (Komposition)
Silke Pielsticker (Bühne und Kostüme)
Nadja Raszewski (Choreografie)
Thomas Keller (Musikalische Leitung)
Tobias Diekmann (Dramaturgie)
Laura Mirjam Walter (Theaterpädagogik)
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Grips Theater
Grips Theater