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The Academy for Early Music Berlin is ringing in the festive season! Look forward to a diverse spectrum of European baroque music, which of course does not include the ultimate Christmas classic, Corelli's "Concerto fatto per la notte di Natale".

With Xenia Löffler (oboe) and Christoph Huntnatalh (transverse flute), you can experience two outstanding soloists from the ensemble. Their virtuosic, festive and at the same time contemplative sounds are reminiscent of the music of the shepherds, to whom an angel announced the good news in the field.

This year's Christmas concert will be special: After more than twenty years together, Christoph Huntnatalh, principal flutist with Akamus, is saying goodbye to his well-deserved retirement.


  • Evaristo Felice dall'Abaco
  • Concerto in D major op. 6.12
  • Jean Marie Leclair
  • Concerto for flute and strings in C major
  • Michel Richard Delalande
  • Symphony of Noël
  • Giovanni Benedetto Platti
  • Concerto for oboe in G minor
  • Arcangelo Corelli
  • Concerto grosso G minor “fatto per la notte di Natale” op. 6.8
  • Georg Philipp Telemann
  • Concerto for recorder, transverse flute, strings and basso continuo in E minor TWV 52:e1

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