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Lifeguard Schaluppke: Chlorine-rich days

In times of rampant lack of exercise, permanent swimming pool closures, and virtual madness, lifeguard Rudi Schaluppke stands like a rock in the artificial surf of the Wellenbad. Schaluppke reminds us that water cannot be digitized. He celebrates the analog magic of the wet environment by sending his bathers into the shower.

Bademeister Schaluppke
Bademeister Schaluppke © Oliver Haas

The bathing clientele still believes that lifeguards only stand around at the edge of the pool, harass children and pensioners, play hard to get and stare at the ladies for the rest of the day. Rudi Schaluppke, on the other hand, makes it clear to us that this job requires a complex catalog of skills!

The lifeguard is a jack-of-all-trades. He's an entertainer, a comforter for children, a worrywart, a psychologist, a special needs teacher, a social worker, a style consultant, a mediator, a foot fungus whisperer, an indoor and outdoor pool minister, a diplomat and a service provider. You could also say: a kind of superhero in shorts, with a big mouth and bathing shoes.

In the process, Schaluppke delves into subject areas that no one has ever laughed at before: Triathletes, fighting moms, alpha kevins, and more. "Chlorine-rich days" is the new program with the old hand on the tiled parquet. Schaluppke talks, rocks and raps until the last listener realizes: A lifeguard is also an entertainer! And when the funky basses of his song interludes bubble in unison with the bubbles in the whirlpool, the mood reaches its pH-neutral peak!

(Program in German)

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