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Airing Out – Open Air in the Schlüter Courtyard Live Concerts, DJ Acts

As one of the few women in African hip hop, AWA Khiwe (African Women Arise) combines
traditional Ndebele culture with political issues such as
discrimination, violence against women, HIV and social inequality.

AWA Khiwe (African Women Arise) is the stage name of Rapper Awakhiwe Sibanda, who hails from Makoboka, Zimbabwe’s oldest township.

Her energetic stage shows are all about pride, solidarity, and empowerment, which she fires from the stage in highly danceable rhythms. Her stage name AWA is not only the abbreviation of her name, but also an acronym for “African Women Arise”, because she wants to be a voice for all women.

Airing Out – Open Air in the Schlüter Courtyard Live Concerts, DJ Acts

Live concerts DJ sets and cool drinks. You are cordially invited to the open-air music festival DURCHLÜFTEN - free and outside. The transcultural and cross-genre live programme presents international guests and musicians from the Berlin scene on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 13 July to 5 August 2023.

Let yourself be carried away by our musical parcours, which leads from Accra to Bogotá, from Belgrade to Bangkok, from Harare to Istanbul and back again to the dancefloor sounds of Berlin nightlife. On twelve summer evenings, DURCHLÜFTEN creates a space to hear and see bands that span wide musical arcs and tell diverse stories - impressive, multi-perspective and extremely danceable. Framed by the baroque façades of the Schlüterhof, the DURCHLÜFTEN festival invites music lovers of all ages, Berlin visitors and Berlin night owls to experience extraordinary music.

- free admission
- Accessible for wheelchairs
- Ground Floor,
- Schlüter Courtyard

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