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Bilingual performance

Аtlantis is dedicated to Е.Т.А. Hoffmann – the author, the composer, the uncanny (Unheimlich) character – as the ultimate effect of his own oeuvre. The Hoffmann mania that lasted two centuries, that has rewritten subterraneously the history of modern literature and music, is a direct result of the Hoffmann-effect: the effect of destabilising the Real, of extracting the More-than-the-Real from the “banal” tissue of the real. Hoffmann the uncanny Subject, faces his Double: the uncanny Real.

Szene aus ATLANTIS
Szene aus ATLANTIS © Metheor Collective

Atlantis – Hoffmann’s utopian place, the Promised Land of the More-than-the-Real, is where Hoffmann’s weird world – a world where “аll that is solid melts into air”, indeed – materialise. The Hoffmanniana and the Hoffmann mania have both their origin there.

In Atlantis Metheor Collective mobilises its signature theatrical contra-techniques developed in the last two decades. Thus, Hoffmann-the-Master-of-the-Uncanny will serve as the protagonist of a theatre oratorio unfolding a fantastic theoretical proposal, thus plunging into Hoffmann’s upside-down world.

An uncanny journey to a mysterious continent: Atlantis.

Bilingual performance
Additional information
Metheor is an artistic collective working with stage, visual and textual forms, elaborating a radical poetics, described as Theatre of Desorganisation. The central figures of Metheor are the playwright and director Ani Vaseva, the philosopher Boyan Manchev and the actor Leonid Yovchev. Metheor's projects include more than 15 written and staged theatre plays and performances, which toured internationally, as well as visual works and performative installations in Sofia, Vienna, Berlin, Porto, Leipzig, Plovdiv etc. Each Metheor performance aims to invent a unique form, based on experimental work with the text and productive critical use of theatrical techniques, leading to elaboration of new counter-techniques.
Participating artists
Leonid Yovchev
Stefan Milkov
Catherine Metodieva
Cristophe Petchatatz / Klimperei
Stefan Donchev
Ani Vaseva
Boyan Manchev