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Made by hand - with attention to detail

The popular annual Kunsthandwerkliche Weihnachtsmarkt is once again coming to the Gothic House in the historic centre of Spandau this year. Look forward to the craftspeople, artists and designers who will transform the historic rooms into a place of contemplation in the run-up to Christmas.

You can see glass design and glass blowing, pewter casting, candle making, room and table decorations made of wood, handmade ceramics, Tiffany-style glass objects, knitwear, oil paintings, watercolours, porcelain and icon painting.

On site are:

  • Horst Arndt with room and table decorations - beautiful things made of wood
  • Marta Giehl with her own oil paintings and hand-knitted winter accessories
  • Seung-Hee Gundermann with porcelain paintings for sophisticated tastes and watercolours
  • Klaus-Peter Klenke with pewter work and candle making
  • Angela Kohls and Petra Helfrich with individual, decorative, beautiful and also useful handmade ceramics. Each product is unique with high-quality and colourful glazes.
  • Bärbel and Bernhard Laube with Tiffany-style glass objects
  • Michael Lingnau with glass design and glass blowing
  • Tatjana Pauly with Byzantine-style icon painting, painted natural stones with Christian motifs and a demonstration of the icon painting technique
  • Monika Taterra with scarves, shawls, stoles in artistic lace knitting and with delicate watercolours and Asian ink painting

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