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A Caterina Valente evening

There is music in the air - this is of course a concert evening with old hits and petticoats, Italian traveling and sofa cushions with the scent of the 50s. But there's so much more: elegant jazz meets bossa nova, French chanson mates with swing - musical lust and versatility.

Antje Rietz & Band: "Musik liegt in der Luft"
Antje Rietz & Band: "Musik liegt in der Luft" © Lola Witzmann

All of Paris dreams of love, One Note Samba, Tell me Quando or Moonlight in Vermont... Caterina Valente was not only a pop star, but also a sought-after jazz singer. With a skilful mix of retrostylistic charm and cheerful virtuosity Antje Rietz sings and tells together with her band in fascinating nuances about the impressive range of this polyglot exceptional artist Caterina Valente. And since Antje Rietz could already be described as a likeable multi-talent, two different but very versatile ladies meet on this evening, who have one thing in common: Music in blood.
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