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The Fourth World opens an inter-zone with YOY. YOY is a place that cannot be realized. Always on the edge. 

YOY is a sensual disposal that marks such a zone, a reminder of the future. The attempt to let an in-between space emerge, through music and duration.

An in-between space that is neither an abandonment, nor an expansion, not a land grab, not a conquest. Not a closed, consistent narrative.

YOY is a perforated, porous narrative of music. A concert that is not a concert; music is the means to create a space that is inclusive; musically, a language of shared experience is developed. A space that functions like a loose memory: outside the individual body and inside a shared sensation.
Additional information
Eine Produktion von Annett Hardegen mit Vierte Welt gefördert aus Mitteln des Haupstadtkulturfonds und der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa