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The Journey to a Future for All

Seven performers embark on a trip through their personal and social human-animal relationship, through dominance, exploitation and intimate connection. They discover how people lose their humanity in the belief that they are different from animals.

They seek the perspectives of other species and find - all of us.

"Tier wie Wir" was performed several times in 2022 and will be performed again this year in a revised version and with a slightly different cast.

"Why do humans have the right to kill an animal?"

– "Because we are also animals and kill and eat animals."

Aha. So animals can eat people too?

No? Because people are worth more?

- Well, our cognitive abilities and the surface of our cerebral cortex are completely different from animals. Humans can do so much more!

But is more really more?

Who do we mean when we say "animals"? Is it appropriate to summarize such a variety of species with amazing abilities and great importance to diverse ecosystems to distinguish the species homo sapiens?

By and with: Sofia Andion-Wessel, Heike Arndt, Paula Engisch, Anja Hable, Ipek Seyalioglu, Alexandra Voaides, Camila von Hein (also by Anja Frisch and Konradin Pankok)
Additional information
Management and direction: Stefanie Aehnelt -

Management and theater pedagogy: Anna Koch -

Stage and equipment: Svenja Kuhr -

Music: Anne Haight -

Assistant director: Camila von Hein -

Choreographic assistance: Guilherme Morais - Video editing: Alexander Ebeert - Assistant set design: Afra Nobahar -

Internship: Diandra Sobotta

A production of the TAK Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg e.V. in cooperation with takADEMIE.

Funded by the Socio-Culture Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR, the German Theater Association and the Communications Development Foundation