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Singer/songwriter Andy Shauf manages to beguile in a unique way with his music. This is of course mainly due to the lyrics, which oscillate between biting irony and infinite empathy. The storyteller, who can sing with a gentle tenor about topics such as heartbreak, sorrow, curiosity, spirituality and loneliness, is a true multi-instrumentalist and taught himself various other instruments in addition to piano, guitar and clarinet.


Andy Shauf

But more important than the words is the music. As a producer, he works meticulously, taking his time and putting songs together with surgical precision in return. He brings his classic songwriter compositions to life with swinging arrangements, the targeted use of certain instruments and precisely tuned (and mixed) sounds in such a way that lyrics and music combine to form a fabulous whole.

His new album "Norm" will be released in February. On it, he has cleverly deconstructed and reshaped his style, adding complex layers and perspectives to his songwriting and challenging himself to find a new direction. Under the guise of an intoxicating collection of jazz-infused romantic ballads, his storytelling has become decidedly more oblique, hinting at ominous situations and dark motivations. The track "Wasted On You" hints at the direction it will take.

Andy Shauf will be coming to Berlin next June.

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