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Hardly anyone writes as amusingly about German family life as SPIEGEL bestseller author Andrea Sawatzki. She already had great success with the other books in the Bundschuh series. The corresponding ZDF films, in which she plays the leading role together with Axel Milberg, were also able to achieve high ratings. Her new novel also comes up with absurd situation comedy, which nevertheless seems to have been taken directly from real life.

Mother-in-law Susanne invites you. Why not, Gundula says to himself, if the vacation is for nothing? But maybe it would be better not to go to Norderney in the rain. And certainly not with the whole Bundschuh family. In the deceptively glamorous Hotel "Four Seasons", it's not just her children who are thrown on their heads - her husband Gerald also goes astray and finally discovers his true destiny.

The most sympathetic family in German literature - Andrea Sawatzki tells new things from the bizarre life of the Bundschuhs.

(Program in German)

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