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The new duo project by Anan Makhoul, oud player, and Péter Somos, percussionist, fascinatingly combines classical Arabic music with jazz fusion. The two musicians have worked together in the past, particularly on tours in the Middle East. Now they are bringing their project to Europe for the first time. In addition to the traditional Arabic repertoire, they will also present Anan's own compositions, accompanied by Peter's virtuoso one-man rhythm section.

Anan Makhoul:

Anan Makhoul's musical ambition is to continually refine the oud technique and explore new aspects of the instrument that are still undiscovered. He strives to use the oud in various musical genres such as world music, jazz and even western classical music. His goal is to realize the full potential of traditional Arabic music while exploring its openness to other musical influences. Anan believes that Arabic music can serve as a foundation to convey feelings of hope and love.

Peter Somos:

Péter Somos, a graduate of Codarts Rotterdam, has been making music since he was five years old. His musical journey has exposed him to a variety of styles and instruments, from classical European piano to jazz and fusion to world percussion, Mediterranean and Indian classical music. He strives to blur the boundaries between these different musical languages and use them to create his own musical expression. His experiences touring with various artists around the world have reinforced his belief that musical styles can and should be mixed.
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