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A research project

On November 9, 1989, the Wall falls. The country behind it, the GDR, dissolved in the course of 1990. People in the East oscillate between optimism and resignation, euphoria and fear. On October 3, East and West Germany become what is now the Federal Republic of Germany. What happened in the interim period from November 1989 to October 1990? And how do you have to imagine the GDR if you didn't live through it?

Brandenburger Tor
Brandenburger Tor © visitberlin, Foto Chris Martin Scholl

Together with a group of young people, the artistic team went in search of personal stories and original sounds from those who experienced the time themselves. Parents and grandparents were asked about their childhood memories, their everyday life, their experiences with the political system, and the day the Wall came down. During the rehearsal phase, the perspectives of West German actors and actresses and other East German biographies were added. The interview material, quotes, and music collages resulted in a multi-layered research piece about the Wende era.

The play could not be performed in its original form due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is now available in a revised version.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Weyrauch Romy
Marie Jordan
Jenny Barthold
Marcus Thomas
Eva Stöhr
Uta Sewering
Andrej von Sallwitz
Theater an der Parkaue: Bühne 3
Theater an der Parkaue: Bühne 3
Theater an der Parkaue: Bühne 3