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The Arena Opera Spectacle!

It will be an opera event of superlatives: not created for a classical opera house and audience, but for the large event and multifunctional arenas in Germany and Europe, "AIDA - The Arena Opera Spectacle 2024" wants to inspire existing as well as new target groups for opera - and uses all the possibilities that modern event locations have to offer in terms of dimension and equipment. It is intended to be a truly immersive experience - and so the journey to ancient Egypt begins for the audience as soon as they enter the arena: a soft chirping can be heard, a warm wind surrounds the audience, there is a scent of spices, desert sand and the sea, an eagle circles, a new day dawns.

As the sun slowly rises higher, the performance begins, whose action takes place not only on the gigantic stage, but also in front of it and even in the entire interior, in the midst of the astonished visitors. "Real feelings, real people, real music and as a real experience for all senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling & experiencing - that's our AIDA!" emphasises director Rian van Holland.

The audience experiences the soloists up close - directly and immediately in the audience and likewise on an LED wall above the stage, which visually supports the performance and brings the play of the protagonists to every seat.

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