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presented by Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V.

The band Ahab Jazz cultivates a narrative style: sometimes the voracious monitor lizard stalks through the scene, then seahorses meet up for the ballet, and later there is an invitation to mustard sex - but luckily all of this is only instrumental!

The four musicians love playing with styles and moods. Melancholy has its place, as does exuberant cheerfulness, and improvisation is omnipresent.

There is even a song sung at the end, so there are many reasons to celebrate on November 17th. to get into the room expansion hall.


Modern Jazz/Crossover

Nik Leistle (bs), Sebastian Böhlen (git), David Hagen (b), Heiko Kulenkampff (dr)

(Text: Heiko Kulenkampff)

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